Patch Notes: v1.0.2
  • Tutorial dialogues will once again show up when replaying the same level.

  • Adjusted tutorial dialogues to better clarify certain mechanics.

  • Added visual note on the Roster screen to inform users that talents are stackable.

  • Reduced the hitpoints of Brick Walls 2 hits, and Stone Walls 3 hits. Ruin Walls remain at 4 hits.

  • Added a slight delay between zombie spawns from Shriekers screaming. This reduces the overall rate at which zombies will fall from highlighting a Shrieker.

  • Hovering the cursor over the grid will now make the chambered bomb highlight slots, without clicking and holding down the mouse button.

Patch Notes: v1.0.1
  • Updated several audio sound effects to better suit the objects they are attached to.

  • Updated Steamworks SDK to support Unity IL2CPP scripting backend.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing a delay the first time the leaderboard was shown.

  • When opening the leaderboard dialog it will auto scroll to the players current ranking.

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing dialogue windows from being shown, on computers not using English region date + time format.