Bombs'n Zombies is an apocalyptic brain teaser that utilizes an all new match system combining Tetris like shapes with Bomberman blasts.

Use your wits to fend off zombie hordes while searching for the origin of the outbreak. Along the way you’ll meet fascinating characters, rescue survivors, scavenge supplies, harvest medicine and much more. Enjoy more than 8 game modes of zombie blasting fun as you journey through hand drawn maps and post-apocalytpic backdrops. But beware, the zombies aren't the only things lurking at night.

Take on this adventure alone, or play with friends to see who can get the top score!


• A new match 3 mechanic that combines Tetris like shapes with Bomberman blasts
• Charge up your amulets of power to unleash devastating spells
• 100+ handcrafted levels of zombie blasting fun
• Master 8 game modes as you journey to find the origin of the outbreak
• Battle fearsome bosses for big rewards
• Rescue survivors and add them to your roster
• Compete against your friends and earn your way onto the leader boards

Fact Sheet:

Developer: Fatcat Games; Vancouver, Canada
Release Date: May 2017
Availability: Steam
Platform Pages: App Store, Google Play, Steam Greenlight
Price: F2P
ESRB: T for teen 12+
Press Contact:
Social: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Gamxin

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Who is Fatcat Games?

Established in 2015, Fatcat Games is currently in pre-release for our first title Bombs’n Zombies. A puzzle game like no other it is a tribute to old-school and new-school games alike.

Created by brothers Jesse and Justin Gaylie, we have been entrepreneurs our whole lives and participated in several local start-up companies in the Vancouver area. Our goal is to create games for gamers and to remain independent developers.

It was 13 years ago we wrote our first game design. It's time to raise them from the dead!

Our intention is to be around for a long time to come, and to never make a game that we wouldn’t play.

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